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Taste Better

What is Epicurean Butter?

Epicurean Butter is the chef’s knife of ingredients. Your crazy-versatile, no-fuss kitchen staple that makes everything taste better. Savory, sweet, weeknight or date night, Epicurean Butter goes with any dish and occasion like steak and whatever you love drinking with steak.

Because we believe butter can be the star ingredient. Just like we believe Beurre Blanc is simply a fancy name for (a really…really good) “butter sauce,” and anyone (yes, anyone) can make chicken piccata. When you’ve got a flavored butter like Epicurean, you’ll be as obsessed with making food as you are savoring the final product.

Why we love it:
It's easy to turn out a great dinner just by broiling and adding some Epicurean Butter. Scrambled eggs and pancakes taste like never before. Potatoes, other vegetables and even oatmeal take on new dimensions. All from a little pat of butter.

Karen Hochman

The Nibble

Epicurean Butter has rolled out a butter-category game changer: 1-ounce knead, squeeze and enjoy portion packs.

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Your Chef’s Knife of Ingredients

We know everything there is to know about butter. And we're experts at cooking with butter.