Organic Cocoa Coconut Butter


Organic Cocoa Coconut Butter


Satisfying chocolate treat for anytime of day.

Epicurean Butter blends organic cream, coconut oil, honey, cocoa powder, and Himalayan Pink Sea Salt to create this smooth, lightly-sweet compound butter. As with all our flavors, Organic Cocoa Coconut melts beautifully on top of any warm breakfast or snack food.

A 2016 Sofi Winner!

A note on shipping: Epicurean Butter only ships out orders on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, and adds a flat shipping fee of $12 on all orders to ensure delivery of a quality, perishable product. Once you receive your butter, unpack and refrigerate immediately.

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Size: 3.5 oz

Ingredients: Organic Pasteurized Cream (Lactic Acid), Organic Coconut Oil, Organic Honey,
Organic Canola Oil, Organic Cocoa Powder, Himalayan Pink Salt

Serving suggestions: Place on top of warm toast or waffles, squeeze onto fresh fruit,
use in place of chocolate bars on s’mores, or try Organic Cocoa Coconut Butter stirred into coffee.