Epicurean Butter tubs

Frequently Asked Questions

What is flavored butter?

Flavored butter is butter combined with herbs, spices, and other real ingredients to create a specific flavor. Professional chefs use flavored butter to simplify a recipe, minimize labor, and ensure a consistent product. Flavored butter is also known as compound butter or chef's butter.

What is compound butter?

The technical meaning of compound is “a thing that is composed of two or more separate elements; a mixture.” Compound butter is exactly that - a mixture of butter and other real ingredients. Compound butter is also known as flavored butter or chef's butter.

What is chef's butter?

Professional chefs use flavored butter to simplify a recipe, minimize labor, and ensure a consistent product. Many busy restaurant chefs rely on chef's butter to make soups and sauces. Chef's butter is also known as flavored butter or compound butter.

How do I use Epicurean Butter?

Sauté, cook, bake, and finish with Epicurean Butter. It can be used just like regular butter. Refer to our easy recipes for examples.

Do you have suggested uses for flavored butter?

Yes, we have an entire catalog of recipes and many serving suggestions posted to our blog as well.

What are the benefits of cooking with Epicurean Butter?

Epicurean Butter is the chef’s knife of ingredients. Your crazy-versatile, no-fuss kitchen staple that makes everything taste better. You don't need to be a professional chef to cook great-tasting food when you use Epicurean Butter.

What is European-style butter?

European-style butter is butter that is churned longer to achieve at least 82% butterfat, which makes it richer and creamier.

How can I order your butter?

All our butter flavors are available to order online and shipped directly to your home. Check out the flavors in our products section.

How is the butter stored?

We have freezers and refrigerators on site to safely store all of our ingredients and finished product.

How long is the butter good for?

Our butter is good for 150 days from production when refrigerated and 270 days when frozen.

What ingredients are used in your flavored butter?

Ingredient statements for each flavor can be found on the "Details" tab on each product page. No artificial colors or flavors are used in Epicurean Butter.

Where can I find a list of allergens?

Allergens can be found on the "Details" tab on each product page.

How is your butter produced?

Our butter is produced simply by mixing fresh ingredients with our "secret" compound butter recipes.

What standards are used in production of the butter?

We only use the highest quality ingredients in the production of our compound butter.

When will I get my delivery?

Orders are typically fulfilled and shipped within 3-5 business days. To ensure your butter doesn't arrive melted, orders ship Monday through Wednesday. Most orders are delivered within 1-2 business days, but there may be variances on arrival dates due to unforeseen circumstances.

 You will receive tracking via email as soon as your order ships.

Do we ship outside US?

Unfortunately we do not currently ship outside the US.

How is the butter kept cool when shipping?

The butter is packaged with cooling packs in an insulated package. It will arrive as fresh as if you purchased it directly from the grocery store.

How much does shipping cost?

The shipping cost for our butter is $12, unless you order over $49.99, then shipping is free. We take great care when shipping our product to ensure it arrives safely to your doorstep.

Can I return my product?

Epicurean Butter does not offer or accept returns of any products.

Can I exchange my product?

Epicurean Butter does not offer or accept any product exchanges.

My butter arrived damaged or melted.

If the product arrives damaged or in a condition that affects or impairs its quality, including but not limited to torn, split, cracked, leaking, or opened product, Epicurean Butter will, in its sole discretion, either issue you a refund or ship a replacement product to you at no additional charge.

If you receive a damaged product, please take photographs of the damaged product and email them to orders@epicureanbutter.com and please include your Order Number or a picture of your packing slip.

You understand and agree that Epicurean Butter must confirm that you received a damaged product (e.g. a product that was not damaged by you, and is unused, unaltered, unopened, and/or has not been partially or completely consumed by you) before it will issue any refund or replacement product.