Grow Your Foodservice Ingredient Offerings With Premium Flavored Butter Products

Chef-Created to Help You Stand Out, Save, and Satisfy

Maximizing Your Margins, Volume, Space, and Shelf-Life All While Providing High-Quality Products Is a Constant Balancing Act

Your end-users have different needs, but they all want top-of-the-line products and superior, fast service and availability. When you’re trying to:

  1. Keep your offerings unique
  2. Mitigate costs
  3. Move product
  4. Offer delicious food

Generic ingredients that have to be created or flavored manually are standing in your way. The team at Epicurean Butter understands your challenges and wants to give you an easier path to competitive ingredients, culinary taste, and efficient operations in your foodservice butter category.

Epicurean Butter Offers Premium Flavored Butter to Help You Grow Your Offerings

Flavored (or compound) butter is a fresh subcategory in foodservice that’s ready to enhance any fine dining or casual restaurant dish, meal kit, frozen food product, catering event, cafe, cafeteria, and beyond. Our carefully chef-created flavored butter elevates every food element they touch and help improve operations and cost-efficiency. When you incorporate our flavored butter into your food distribution offerings, you’ll quickly discover they are:

  • Adaptable to your unique systems and preferences
  • Available in a variety of formats and packaging for different end-user needs
  • A lower TCO than flavoring butter with multiple ingredients
  • Consistent in size, flavor, and quality with every single batch

With Epicurean Butter, you can increase your purchase volume and predictability, and stay on the cutting edge of product offerings without overcomplicating your production process or overwhelming your in-house team.

A Trusted, Collaborative Partner in Butter

We understand how difficult it is to strike a balance between maintaining your volume while maximizing your margins, space, and shelf-life all while providing high-quality products. Epicurean Butter takes the stress out of flavoring butter and replaces it with delicious simplicity. Our chef-curated, premium flavored butter, along with our expertise and innovative research and development team, are ready to establish a true partnership that serves as a real solution to help simplify your processes and lower your overall costs. Quality and taste reliability in your foodservice butter distributor supplier is possible with Epicurean Butter.

As a trusted, innovative creator of premium flavored butter. We seek to empower our partners through convenience, simplicity, labor and ingredient cost control, and—above all—consistent quality.

A restaurant chef putting a scoop of Spreadable Roasted Garlic Herb Flavored Butter in sauté pan

The Path to Custom, Quality Flavored Butter Is Simple:

Epicurean Butter Roasted Garlic Herb 1 oz Packet

Why Epicurean Butter as Your Foodservice Butter Distribution Supplier?

Epicurean Butter aspires to be a true partner to your research and development, production, and culinary teams. We bring to that partnership:

  • A wide variety of products, formats, and flavors to suit your needs
  • Superb butter quality created using only fresh and fresh frozen ingredients
  • A history of longevity in our relationships with existing partners
  • The ability to work with our team to create custom butter solutions for you

Our experts spend all of their time perfecting flavored butter so you (and your end-users) don’t have to. You can focus on your bottom line and top-tier offers while we do what we do best. 

Epicurean Butter delivers predictable, reliable quality so you can do more with less.