Culinary Services: What We Can Do

Epicurean Butter Can Be Sold at Retail, Included as a Wholesale Ingredient, or Purchased for Your Foodservice Needs

Mashed potatoes, steak, and Epicurean butter


Epicurean Butter provides spreadable, flavored butter in a 30 lb bag in a box, 5 lb or 1 lb tubs, or 1 oz dollops for foodservice operators throughout the United States. With over 20 flavors available, in-store bakeries, prepared food delis, produce departments, and restaurant groups benefit from the ease of our compound butter. Epicurean Butter minimizes labor costs and offers convenience and consistency to any operation.

Professional cook, cooking with Epicurean Butter


Our innovative line of 1 oz squeeze packets or 1 oz dollops/rosettes are ideal for:

  • Meal delivery kits
  • Prepared foods
  • Seafood
  • Produce
  • Meat
  • Grab and go
  • Bakery items
Epicurean butter 1oz squeeze packs.


Butter can be the star ingredient. Epicurean Butter 3-3.5 oz butter tubs will drive incremental dollars in the butter category. Available for retailers and distributors across the US.

Epicurean Butter tubs and ingredients

Custom Blending

Epicurean Butter uses the highest-quality ingredients and can custom blend the compound butter you are looking for. Chef John Hubschman, Epicurean Butter’s co-founder, works directly with customers to create recipes or complete custom blends to exact specs.

Epicurean butter surrounded by key ingredients.

Our Customers Love What We Do

Why we love it:
It's easy to turn out a great dinner just by broiling and adding some Epicurean Butter. Scrambled eggs and pancakes taste like never before. Potatoes, other vegetables and even oatmeal take on new dimensions. All from a little pat of butter.

Karen Hochman

The Nibble

Epicurean Butter has rolled out a butter-category game changer: 1-ounce knead, squeeze and enjoy portion packs.

Daily Dose of Dairy

At Pacific Coast Fruit Company, we are now able to offer an innovative line of products, pairing fresh vegetables and herbs with the richness that can only come from butter!

Lacy Larson

R&D Chef at Pacific Coast Fruit Company

What we like about Epicurean Butter's products is that they let anyone cook like a gourmet chef at home.

Editor's Pick at the Progressive Grocer