Your Partner in Butter

A big piece of our work here at Epicurean Butter focuses on our culinary industry partnerships, which we value to no end. To learn more about the co-packing, custom blending, retail, and food service opportunities listed here, please contact us.

Private Label & Custom Blending

If you are seeking to private label your own line of compound butters, we’ve got you covered. Epicurean Butter not only relies on the highest-quality ingredients, but we also rely on the highest-quality equipment and expert staff. Epicurean Butter’s manufacturing division is run by Chef John Hubschman, Epicurean Butter’s co-founder. John works directly with customers to create recipes or complete custom blends to exact specs.

"Why we love it: It's easy to turn out a great dinner just by broiling and adding some Epicurean Butter. Scrambled eggs and pancakes taste like never before. Potatoes, other vegetables and even oatmeal take on new dimensions. All from a little pat of butter."

Karen Hochman, The Nibble


Want a high-end, high-flavor finishing butter on your gourmet or specialty food displays? Epicurean Butter works with several food distributors across the US.

Download the Epicurean Butter retail information sheet here (PDF)

Download the pre-portioned butter information sheet (PDF)

Named one of Top-10 new products in The Chicago Tribune


"What we like about Epicurean Butter's products is that they let anyone cook like a gourmet chef at home."

Editor's Pick at the Progressive Grocer


Single-Serve Packets

Our brand new product line of one ounce single-serve butter packets is ideal for

    − Meal delivery kits
    − Prepared foods
    − Seafood
    − Produce
    − Meat
    − Grab and go
    − Restaurant take out
    − Bakery items

Download the single-serve butter information sheet here (PDF)


"Epicurean Butter has rolled out a butter-category game changer: 1-ounce knead, squeeze and enjoy portion packs." -Daily Dose of Dairy







Food Service

Epicurean Butter provides spreadable, flavored butters in five-pound tubs to food service operators throughout the United States. With 20 flavors available, in-store bakeries, prepared foods delis, produce departments, and restaurant groups benefit from the ease of our compound butters. Not only do they minimize labor costs, but they also offer convenience and consistency to any operation.

Download the Epicurean Butter food service information sheet here (PDF)

Download the Garlic Butter information sheet for bakeries here (PDF)


"At Pacific Coast Fruit Company, we are now able to offer an innovative line of products, pairing fresh vegetables and herbs with the richness that can only come from butter!" -Lacy Larson, R&D Chef at Pacific Coast Fruit Company

Why Epicurean Butter?

  • Make good sandwiches into great sandwiches with Maple Syrup Butter on a Grilled Ham and Sharp Cheese Sandwich or Tuscan Herb Butter on a Roasted Vegetable Sandwich, and so many others.

  • Spreadable Roasted Garlic Herb Butter--a short cut to profitable items in a bakery--works well on garlic bread loafs, in pull apart breads, or on savory rolls, but, most importantly, the butters increase sales because of exceptional flavor.

  • Custom blending for restaurant groups that want consistency and convenience across the chain.

  • As an incredible produce application, many of our food service partners use it for oven-ready vegetable programs.

  • The five-pound butter tubs have a shelf life of nine-months frozen and three-months refrigerated from the date of thaw. Contact us to learn more.