A guide to cooking with Epicurean Butter this holiday season.

November 13th, 2020

Epicurean Butter’s Guide to a Flavorful Thanksgiving Dinner

Serving Suggestion

The holidays are all about cooking food that everyone loves, but even more than that, they are about spending time with family and friends. We love cooking, but it's no fun to find yourself slaving away in the kitchen, measuring, chopping herbs, and staring into the oven while everyone else is relaxing and talking in the other room.

Our guide to a flavorful Thanksgiving dinner will help you join everyone in the other room. We did all of the chopping and flavor building for you. Our flavored butters are full of roasted garlic, fresh herbs, and citrus—all you have to do is stir them into the dishes you love to make.


Butter helps give turkey that beautiful brown color, and it locks in flavor. Give your turkey a generous rub down with Epicurean Lemon Garlic Herb butter. If you’re feeling ambitious, you can rub it under the skin for extra flavor.


Get your gravy base started with Epicurean Roasted Garlic Herb butter. No need to add chopped herbs.


Stuffing: Sauté your celery and onion in Epicurean Tuscan Herb butter before adding the broth and cubed bread.

Mashed Potatoes: Try our classic Mashed Potatoes With Roasted Garlic Herb Butter recipe, or stir in Epicurean White or Black Truffle butter for a special treat.

Sweet Potatoes: Whether you’re using canned sweet potatoes or fresh, Epicurean Cinnamon & Brown Sugar butter gives them the right amount of sugar and spice.

Veggies: And as always, have Sea Salt & Black Pepper butter on hand for vegetables.

Salad: Make your own croutons with this recipe.


Pie Crust: The best pie starts with the best crust. Follow our recipe for Graham Cracker Crust With Cinnamon & Brown Sugar Butter

Apple Pie: Before you put your apple pie in the oven, dot the top with a few tablespoons of Maple Syrup butter for a little extra flavor.


Not sure what to do with all of those leftovers? We’ve got you covered. Find ideas for leftovers here.

We’re not necessarily suggesting you eat butter with all of your holiday meal courses, but you’ll be glad you have a few containers of flavored butter on hand. Eat a healthy breakfast, go for a run, use Epicurean Butter to build flavor and save time, and enjoy a relaxing holiday with your family and friends!