Steak in Cast Iron pan with Black Truffle Butter

September 26th, 2013

Black Truffle Butter Uses

Serving Suggestion

Do you know what goes well with Epicurean Black Truffle butter? If you don't, you came to the right place. Black Truffle is one of our top sellers. Once you've tried it, you'll understand why.

Here are some of our favorite ways to use black truffle butter:

There’s something about black truffle butter and beef that works so well

After cooking your beef, whether it’s steak, tenderloin, or filet mignon, let it rest for five minutes with a scoop of black truffle butter on top. Watch the butter melt and enjoy!

Liven up the Thanksgiving turkey with black truffle butter

It can be as simple as finishing the turkey right on your plate with a scoop of black truffle butter. While you’re at it, add a touch of black truffle butter in your mashed potatoes, too.

Other ways to use black truffle butter:

  • Place 4-5 tablespoons of black truffle butter beneath the turkey skin during the last 30 minutes of cooking.
  • Create a black truffle butter and white wine gravy. Your guests will love it!

Black truffle butter goes great with all animal proteins

Black truffle butter is commonly used as a finishing butter on beef and turkey, but we’ve tried it on grilled scallops and roasted chicken, too.

Black truffle butter can improve an already delicious mac and cheese

A quick Google search for “Black truffle butter mac and cheese” and you’ll be amazed by what you find: mac and cheese with truffle shavings, mac and cheese made with truffle oil, and even mac and cheese made with our own Epicurean Black Truffle butter.

There are so many ways to use black truffle butter. If you've tried any other ways, shoot us a message!