A Tribute to Dad: Roasted Garlic Herb Steak... Err Everything!

My dad knows his way around the grill. I’ve watched him cook for over three decades now. He is a true master at smoking and grilling in all circumstances: homemade grills on top of campfires, gas grills at football games, the tiny Webber Charcoal Grill (which is my favorite), and the mother ship of all grills that takes up half his back deck. He has taught me that what makes a good grill master a GREAT one is the ability to take time. Slow down, relax, sip some good beers, an enjoy the fresh air. Preparation comes first, slow and steady cook time (even when everyone around you is hungry and has their plates in hand) comes second, and finally finish the proteins with the right sauces, dressings, and/or butters. Let the meat be the flavor and everything else only enhances it. 

So this meal was my tribute to my dad for Father’s Day. I think if I left him in charge, it somehow would have tasted even better, but he said that I did “pretty good.” And from a master, I’d take that as a five star compliment. 

This is for my dad… and all the dad’s out there. It’s everything you love: fresh green beans and potatoes from the garden and a delicious sirloin steak, smothered in sautéed mushrooms and Epicurean’s Roasted Garlic Herb Butter. Enjoy! 


I simply prepared the steak by taking it through a koshering process. I’ve done this for years for no other reason than personal preference to taste. It removes the blood, and it’s also a great way to tenderize the meat. If you’d like to give it a try, check it out here.

Once the process is complete, rub with pink Himalayan sea salt (again for no other reason than we’ve just been on that kick lately, and it’s fun) and white pepper. Grill over medium/high heat for 3-4 minutes each side. 

While the steak is cooking, sauté mushroom and green beans in Epicurean’s Roasted Garlic Herb Butter. 

Plate up all the goodness and finish with a dab of butter. So, truth be told, EVERYTHING is smothered in the Roasted Garlic Herb Butter. A little bit goes a long way and makes it all divine and Father’s Day dinner worthy.

Happy Father’s Day!