It’s Popcorn and Movie Night

Popcorn and movie night happens at least three times a week in my house. No matter how late it is, it’s a chance for us all to unwind from our business, sit mindlessly, pop in the kernelly good stuff, and veg in front of the telly. (Yes, I’m British now… that’s what happens when I watch hours upon hours of Dr. Who with my kids.)

First of all, let’s talk about the popcorn we use. Did you even know there’s a quite fascinating history of American’s love for popped corn at the movies? (Yes, I’m American now.) When you have some reading time, check it out. Also, popcorn makes a great science lesson for your kiddos.

History and science aside, in my house, we always use Yoder Popcorn. It’s just delicious, and their story is amazing. I also use a Whirly Pop Popper to cook my popcorn. It’s a great invention, which allows you to use as much or as little oil or butter as you want. 

Once I’ve popped up a batch, this is when the magic comes. Each week, we try a something new on our popcorn, and our favorites include Epicurean’s White Truffle Butter, Sweet Cinnamon Butter, and Carmel Sea Salt Butter. 

Last night we all agreed on using Epicurean’s Cinnamon & Brown Sugar Butter to flavor our popped corn. Melting this butter filled my kitchen with the most amazing smell!

Cuddle up with your loved ones tonight, pop up some corn (and remember it’s okay to lick your fingers!), and enjoy a great movie.

P.S. Remember that the possibilities with Epicurean’s finishing butters are endless. In addition to Carmel Sea Salt Butter on your popcorn, give it a whirl on biscuits, pancakes, warmed fruit (like cooked apples or pears), sweet potatoes, and even on a slice of bread. If you’re like me, you may even be tempted to eat it right out of the container… it’s just that good!