Celebrating National Pancake Month and a New Butter Flavor – Maple Syrup!

Epicurean Butter is proud to announce our new butter flavor: Maple Syrup. Made with all natural Pure Vermont Maple Syrup and high-quality Grade AA butter, this butter will change the way you look at your pancakes.

Speaking of pancakes…February is National Pancake Month! In honor of this great (and not nearly celebrated enough) tradition, we thought we’d share some maple syrup and pancake facts to get you in the spirit.

  •      In the United States, most maple sap is harvested in New England during the “sugaring season,” which falls sometime between February and April depending on the conditions. The earlier the sap is harvested the lighter color the syrup.
  •      It takes between 35 to 50 gallons of sap to produce one gallon of syrup. The actual amount of sap needed depends on how much sugar the sap contains.
  •      The sap is boiled down in a “sugar house” where it is also filtered and bottled.
  •      From the French crepe to the Austrian Kaiserschmarrn, pancakes have been eaten in Europe for centuries, even dating back to ancient Greet culture.
  •      Pancakes also have roots in the Medieval Christian culture from when Christians would enjoy decadent pancakes on the Tuesday before Ash Wednesday. During Lent Christians were to abstain from luxury foods (like sugar and fat). The same tradition is still celebrated for many at Mardi Gras, which usually takes place in February. Although this year Mardis Gras is celebrated on March 4th.

 Of course, Maple Syrup Butter is good on more than just pancakes. Try it on biscuits, in pie crusts, and wherever else your culinary imagination takes you. We hope you’ll tell us what you think of our new butter flavor in the comments or on our Facebook page.

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