Notes from the NRA…No not that one!

Author: Chef Julius

Epicurean Butter  – The name says it and it is beautiful. There are so many companies that promote “flavored butter”. Yeah…I don’t want that. Now, all natural compound butters, I AM THERE! Let’s put it this way. “Flavored butter is the turkey bacon of compound butters.” Yeah it may taste close, but it’s NOT REALLY bacon. This is how easy it is. Quarter a few potatoes and toss with olive oil, roast them according to the size. When they finish, toss with a bit of any of these butters and serve warm. NO SALT OR PEPPER NEEDED. They are that good. More recipes to come as soon as I get some more in. It’s an easy way to make an average piece of bread to your own special garlic bread.  Toss it with cooked pasta and no heavy cream sauce is needed. You are going to have a ball with it.