The Gourmet Retailer Editors Pick Fancy Food Show Favorites

Friday, October3, 2008

European-Style Butters From Epicurean Butter

This product contains two of my favorite foods -- butter and salt. After receiving such a bad rap for so many years, butter, especially full-fat, European-style butter, is once again getting some of the attention it deserves. Epicurean Butter makes a line of compound butters, both sweet and savory, that allow one to flavor food the way restaurant cooks have done for eons. Now they have launched two simple yet delicious and versatile butters that will add big flavor to your kitchen arsenal: European-Style Butter with Mediterranean Sea Salt & Olive Oil and European-Style Butter with Lime Sea Salt. In both cases, the wonderful creaminess of the butter gives way to the crunch of the sea salt crystals, and then in the case of the latter, the snap of citrus adds a brightness that is fabulous on grilled seafood or corn on the cob. I have to admit to a fair amount of simply spreading them on a variety of toasted breads as a cocktail hors d'oeuvre with a glass of wine. As the folks at Epicurean Butter say, these butters make it simple to create impressive meals effortlessly. And snacks, too! For more information, call them at 720-261-8175, e-mail or go to