Floored! NRA Show 2009 News: Epicurean Butter: Savor the Spread

December 05, 2008

Epicurean Butter: Savor the Spread

Flavors like marsala wine, tomato chipotle, chili lime, sweet cinnamon and black truffle all have our mouths watering. And with Epicurean Butter, it's so easy to infuse such zing into one's menu.

Denver, Co.-based Epicurean Butter is the brainchild of Chef John Hubschman. It's garnered positive reviews from both trade and general-interest publications. The Gourmet Retailer recently lauded Epicurean Butter for its ability to help "create impressive meals effortlessly." The Denver Post reported that it's "oh-so-good on red meat, pasta or just bread." And, the Chicago Tribune named Epicurean Butter one of its top-10 new products in '05. Read all the accolades here.

You can find this savory spread at NRA Show 2009, of course! Home chefs can enjoy Epicurean Butter too. Find a store near you.